Welcome to the GPBioS Site !

GPBioS : The REAL GP32 bios !
GPBioS is not an official bios or firmware


What is GPBioS ?

GPBioS is just a bios ( not a firmware ) which start directly your own OS if you want.
It's THE answer to many bad Flash !!!

If you choose GPBioS, it's maybe the first but it's surely the last time you flash your GP32.

What it is exactly ?
It's a bios which run boot.bin or boot.fxe on the directory of your SMC
Do you want to boot with wind-ups on a smc and boot with the original korean firmware on an other smc ?
Don't need to reflash your gp32.
It's possible and it's too simple with this GPBioS.

And ?
And others things !!! Do you want to boot to your favourite game, application or emulator ? it's possible with GPBioS
Rename your fxe to boot.fxe on your
gp://gpmm/ directory and you'll boot to this application.
If you want to stop to boot with this application, renamme it to the original name. (A or B when you start your gp32 to boot with the kr-en firmware)

There is a new firmware and i want to test it on my gp32 but i don't want to flash my gp32
Cool, GPBioS is for you. It's simple. Only rename this firmware to boot.bin and put this file in the gp:// directory or gp://gpmm/ directory.
And your gp32 can now boot with this new Firmware.

"I'm a firmware maker.. i don't understand why your bios is good."
With this bios, you can test on your gp32 your firmware that you are making without flash your gp32.
Only rename your fxe or your bin file to boot.fxe or boot.bin and put this file to the
gp:// directory or gp://gpmm/ directory.
And now your gp boot with your firmware... or not ;)

And if there is a problem ?
No problem ! push A or B when you boot your gp32 and the kr-en firmware boot. ( not your boot.bin or boot.fxe )

And if i have no boot.fxe or boot.bin on my gp32 ?
Your GP32 will boot with the kr-en firmware.

Ok i want to boot with my mp3player or with GPCinema directly but it's on the same SMC.
No problem. Rename your mp3player to "boot1.fxe" and your gpcinema to "boot2.fxe"
When you start your gp32, push the start button to run mp3player or push the select button to run your gpcinema.
It's fast and it works !!!!
You can use others things like this to boot with your favourite game or emulator :)

Oh yeah it's so cool. I want to test the last firmware of a friend but it's dangerous no ?
No no, rename the firmware of your friend to "boot.fxe" if it's a .fxe or "boot.bin" if it's a .bin file and put this file to the gp:// directory or gp://gpmm/ directory

It's my first and last flash ?
Yeah !!!!!
Now your smc is like an Hard Disk and your Operating System is on your smc !!
Change now your OS on your SMC, not on your GP32 !!!
GPBioS : The REAL Bios !!!

If you want to boot with an eu firmware, don't remember that the eu firmware has a pc-link bug.
The kr-en firmware has no bug. The kr-en pc-link firmware works great.

Now i want to put GPBioS to my gp32.

It's simple. you must to flash your gp32.
But it's the last time !

How to flash GP:
Put fw.fxe in the gp://gpmm/ directory
And put fw.bin in the gp:// directory
Put fresh batteries on your gp32
Launch fw.fxe, just don't turn your gp32 off during the flashing...

You can damage your GP32 when flashing-it.
Authors of softwares in this pack take no responsablity of damages when using them.

Thanks to MrSpiv ( Nice and cool b2fxec )
Thanks to Hitmen ( GPFW )
Thanks to Squidge ( GpDrive )
Thanks to DarkFader (PcLink )

And the GP32 boot
with your OS on your SMC
without flash your GP32 !!!

Smc Loading Screen

Download GPBioS PACK NOW !!!!!

This pack include tools to convert
a .bin dump bios file to a .fxe file.




Notice :
L+R : boot with the 156kr-en Firmware
R : boot with the DarkFader PCLink.

L : boot with the Squidge PCLink.
START : boot with boot1.fxe or boot1.bin
SELECT : boot with boot2.fxe or boot2.bin

Rename your OS to boot.bin or boot.fxe and put this file in the
gp:// directory or gp://gpmm/ directory

(c) Nano Team